Nicholas Snow went from being Tinseltown’s Queer to the Everybody’s Promo Homo! 

Nicholas Snow on yet another red carpet.

Nicholas Snow on yet another red carpet.

Who is Producer/Host Nicholas Snow?

I describe myself as a Entrepreneurial Activist (and a Multimedia Entertainment Activist) dedicated to “expressing my creativity in a way that makes a difference.”

A Nicholas Snow Selfie, 2016

A Nicholas Snow Selfie, 2016

While I am sure others have done so as well, I came up with the term “Entrepreneurial Activist” on my own, and then consulted a dictionary (I don’t remember which one) to combine two definitions as follows:

“Assuming the risk of a business venture with the purpose of creating political, social and economic force in service to a cause.”

The Making of a Multimedia Entertainment Activist

In chronological order:

  1. I came out of the closet as a gay man in the media in 1984 at the age of 22 (having come out to friends and family in preceding years) as a Communications major at Arizona State University, and graduated with a BA in December, 1985 (31 years ago), having earned my most recent credit hours because of an internship I creating, launching a community Speaker’s Bureau to share what we know at that time about HIV/AIDS, and about LGBT issues.  This was, as I mentioned, in the conservative state of Arizona.
  2. It was in my college years, facing the loss of loved ones to HIV/AIDS and other causes, in the midst of Communications studies, that I realized my most powerful and valuable resource was my Life Force and my ability to yield it, and my future was forever altered.

    Nicholas Snow at LA Pride, 1988.

    Nicholas Snow at LA Pride, 1988.

  3. In 1988, I served as a full-time staff member on the first ever National Coming Out Day, which has taken place every year since on October 11th.  The first year we reached over 20 million people on the Oprah Show alone.
  4. In 1990 I served on the Board of Directors of the Alliance for Gay and Lesbian Artists (AGLA) in the Entertainment Industry, and as an outreach tool, conceived a column entitled “Notes From Hollywood” which was syndicated as far away as Australia.  While it did not evolve into GLAAD, AGLA can definitely be celebrated as the precursor to GLAAD – The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.
  5. In 1993 I created the public access TV show, Tinseltown’s Queer, which I describe (then and now) as “A Queen’s Version of Larry King,” and produced and hosted it until about the year 2000.  The show was available to up to 600,000 households on a regular basis, and was produced in four different studios, and on location.  It was at this time media began referring to me as “LA’s Primo Promo Homo on the Go-Go.”  They began to call me that because I planted it in a press release, and nurtured it from there.  Case-in-point.

    Joani Weir, Dr. Danielle, Nicholas Snow, Fabrice Tasendo and Matt Skallerud on the set of Tinseltown's Queer.

    Joani Weir, Dr. Danielle, Nicholas Snow, Fabrice Tasendo and Matt Skallerud on the set of Tinseltown’s Queer.

  6. During the bulk of the 1990’s, to fund my entertainment and media pursuits, I worked at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.  I was drawn to the job because CSMC is about helping others.
  7. In the mid-90s, because of my high media profile, I was approached by the founder of, Matt Skallerud, and his partner, Fabrice Tasendo, about serving as a “star” or contributing “personality” to their website.  We entered into a cross-promotional relationship which continues until this day, and we were the first to conduct television/internet live simul-chats.  I was also one of the first (relatively) to put clips of edited video online – although this was very costly and the clips were quite short.  I was often a PR/media spokesperson for them as well (I have been speaking in soundbites for decades.

    Matt Skallerud, Fabrice Tasendo and Nicholas Snow, collaborating as LGBT media and internet pioneers in the 1990's. Photo by Wayne Fredericks Castro.

    Matt Skallerud, Fabrice Tasendo and Nicholas Snow, collaborating as LGBT media and internet pioneers in the 1990’s. Photo by Wayne Fredericks Castro.

  8. In the year 2,000, I left CSMC to work full-time with, which grew rapidly because of the dot-com explosion.  I ultimately became Vice-President of Content Development for the parent company, and my job was to develop content that captured audience, served advertisers, and leveraged relationships with other media.  I was great at it, and can elaborate on this if you would like.
  9. Around 2001, because of the “dot-bomb” (the drying of investment capital), my VP job ended, at which time I worked independently with Matt Skallerud to launch, which I built as a multimedia entertainment brand including columns in newspapers and magazines, radio and video reports, and photos, and the integration of all of these elements online.  I chose Palm Springs as my anchor market.  My column was published regularly in many publications, and I appeared for over a  year on local radio. achieved a worldwide audience, and for years was in the top 100 websites.
  10. In 2004, 2005 and 2006, I was invited as an entertainment journalist to report about the Bangkok International Film Festival for, which put me in the international spotlight with world-famous celebrities.  Before the third trip I made plans to based myself in Bangkok where I lived and worked for 5-1/2 years as a government-sanctioned Foreign Correspondent.  During my time in Thailand, I appeared regularly in my own websites, and as a regular contributor to English-language newspapers, magazines, and television programming airing in multiple countries.  I also began acting in film and television on a regular basis.

    Michael Douglas and Nicholas Snow at the 2015 Bangkok International Film Festival

    Michael Douglas and Nicholas Snow at the 2015 Bangkok International Film Festival

  11. During my time in Thailand I began to produce original travel programming for YouTube, where I also put my television reporting, and have since reached millions of viewers (which I can verify for you if necessary).
  12. In August of 2007, in a rare slip in my safer sex behavior – six years sober no less – I became HIV positive.  I confirmed this in January 2008 with an HIV test.  Because of my history, which you’ve just read, I created a plan to go public with my story as a way of bringing visibility – a name, face, and story – to an issue about which there was both great stigma and visibility in the region.  My journey as become a book, Life Positive: A Journey to the Center of My Heart, and resulted in The Power To Be Strong HIV Testing/Safer Sex Song & Music Video Campaign. now subtitled in 21 languages.

    Nicholas Snow's "The Power to Be Strong" HIV Testing/Safer Sex Awareness Anthem, the music video of which is subtitled in 21 languages.

    Nicholas Snow’s “The Power to Be Strong” HIV Testing/Safer Sex Awareness Anthem, the music video of which is subtitled in 21 languages.

  13. For a period of time, I became the most visible openly-HIV-positive people in Asia, reaching millions of people in multiple languages as documented here.
  14. Because of the impact of both stigma and my time spent on activism made it extremely difficult to make a living in Thailand – and without health insurance – I made the decision to return to Palm Springs in the summer of 2011 to become a client of Desert AIDS Project, rebuild my life, and put in place a solid foundation upon which to continue my efforts to make the world a better place.
  15. As an activist I had been invited to appear on a few BlogTalkRadio (BTR) programs.  Six months after returning to the US I began intensive research into launching my own show, and six months after that, in late June of 2012, I did just that, with a week of soft-launch shows before officially premiering on July 1st, 2012, with multiple paid advertisers, including Desert AIDS Project.

    Laverne Cox featured in just one of Snow's podcasts featured on the front page of The Huffington Post's Gay Voices (now Queer Voices) section.

    Laverne Cox featured in just one of Snow’s podcasts featured on the front page of The Huffington Post’s Gay Voices (now Queer Voices) section.

  16. I have continued building my multimedia entertainment platform, and hundreds of episodes later, as I approach the beginning of my fourth year of the podcast, the show has surpassed over 2,000,000 total listens (listens, not listeners).  For years, my podcast has been picked up regularly by The Huffington Post.
  17. In recent years my original video programming has received over a million views.
  18. The first weekend of April, 2016, Facebook finally enabled live video for android phones.  I had media credentials for the White Party and began experimenting with live broadcasts which went on to reach 10,000 people in three days, and have accumulated thousand more views since.
  19. On April 11th, 2016, I registered the domain, PromoHomo.TV, and subsequently locked in related social networking profiles.
  20. In May, 2016, I began producing regular, new content, and launched the beginnings of what is now a rather complete website fully integrating all of the above in astounding ways.PromoHomo.TV Official Logo
  21. In early June, 2016, I successfully produced over a week of BlogTalkRadio / Facebook Live simulcasts with high profile, important guests.  I have also broadcast multiple live events (like an hour of celebrity red carpet arrivals at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood, the late George Zander’s star dedication, RuPaul’s Drag Con, Queen of the Desert, and poolside party at Arrive, to name some). and I have unlimited content, past and present, to put into the PromoHomo.TV pipeline.  The audio podcast has been rebranded PromoHomo.TV and is now accessible from a “Podcast” link in the PromoHomo.TV main menu, in addition to BlogTalkRadio and iTunes.
  22. Since launching, PromoHomo.TV has garnered an exciting worldwide following, and effective March 2018, expands into an online television network with multiple programs.