Who are the PromoHomo.TV® Superstars?

PromoHomo.TV® is “Connecting the Circuity of Humanity” by “Creating Programming for LGBTQ+ Everyone.” All programming may be streamed worldwide for free, but viewers are encouraged to become PromoHomo.TV® Superstars by voluntarily subscribing for as little as $10/month. (Newsflash…. There’s now a “Holler for a Dollar” level at only $1.00/month, or you can join the Sticker Squad for only $3.00/month, but the most popular category is the Skip-A-Latte Club at only $10.00/month).  Or simply send a tip via Venmo to @PromoHomoTV.


Associate Producers

Kelly Watson and Ronni Sanlo

Lance Druckerman and Gary Stewart

Pride Paraders

Dennis Chase

C4 Communications

Bill Lavy

David Perry and Alfredo Casuso

Ann Sheffer

The Skip-a-Latte Club


Rosemary and Newell Alexander

Jan Alden, Ph.D.

Cheryl Bookout

Carlos Cardona

Coach Lynn Lifetime Channel

Barbara J. Carpenter

Reid David

Ron deHarte

Wyatt O’Brian Evans

Brad Fuhr

Jerome Joseph Gentes

Calvin Harris

Paul Jacek

David Larson and Kevin Nierman

David Leal

Karyl Ketchum, Ph.D.

Jeffrey S. Norman

Ken Pienkos

Buzz Steussy


Aaron Terry