Who are the PromoHomo.TV® Superstars?

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(Listed in the order in which they came on board)

  1. Brad Fuhr, Publisher, GayDesertGuide.LGBT and KGAY 106.5. (Sticker Squad)
  2. Ron deHarte, President, Palm Springs Pride (Sticker Squad)
  3. Keli Marie Marino (Sticker Squad)
  4. David Eugene Perry and Alfredo Casuco, Partners in David Perry Associates – and David is the author, Upon This Rock (Pride Paraders)
  5. Anonymous (Sticker Squad)
  6. Bill Lavy (Pride Parader)
  7. Aaron Terry (Sticker Squad)
  8. Ann Scheffer (Pride Parader)
  9. Craig Prater – Film Festival Guru | Event & Television Producer | Consultant (Sticker Squad)
  10. Damian Calmett (Sticker Squad)
  11. Roc May (Sticker Squad)
  12. Paul Jacek – Actor | Comedian| Coach | Tarot (Sticker Squad)
  13. Dave Leal (Sticker Squad)
  14. Kelly Watson, Producer | Filmmaker | Activist – and Dr. Ronni Sanlo, Author | Writer | Playwright | Filmmaker (Executive Producers)
  15. Wyatt O’Brian Evans – Journalist | Author | Podcaster (Sticker Squad)
  16. Steven Drew – HARP-PS  (Sticker Squad)
  17. Calfin Harris (Sticker Squad)
  18. Scott Beaty (Sticker Squad)
  19. Ken Pienkos (Sticker Squad)
  20. Karyl E. Ketchum, Ph.D. (Sticker Squad)
  21. Jeffrey Norman (Sticker Squad)
  22. Buzz Steussy (Sticker Squad)
  23. David Larson and Kevin Nierman (Sticker Squad)
  24. Tahir (Sticker Squad)
  25. Lance Druckerman and Gary Stewart (Pride Paraders)
  26. Carlos Cardona (Sticker Squad)
  27. Anonymous (Sticker Squad)
  28. Reid David (Sticker Squad)
  29. Barbara Carpenter (Sticker Squad)
  30. The Coach Lynn Show (Sticker Squad)