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DON’T BE NICE Doc Amplifies African American, Afro Hispanic & Queer Poets

On this episode of PromoHomoTV’s Notes From Hollywood, Producer/Host Nicholas Snow speaks with DON’T BE NICE Story Producer and Editor David Lieberman about the process of bringing these powerful voices, not only to the big screens of major film festivals, but to small screens as well, as the DON’T BE NICE is now available for purchase and on-demand across most platforms.

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ELECTRICITY: Live Theatre. Live Streamed. Meet Playwright/Star Terry Ray & Co-Star Mel England

ELECTRICITY Playwright/Co-Star Terry Ray and Co-Star Mel England join Notes From Hollywood on PromoHomo.TV to discuss upcoming lives streamed performances of the hit, Off Broadway-bound play. While Broadway’s lights are dim, audiences around the world can purchase tickets and experience live theatre from the comfort of their own homes.

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