In this episode of Notes From Hollywood® on PromoHomo.TV®, Producer/Host Nicholas Snow welcomes Producer/Director Dan Watt to discuss his powerful new film, EVERYBODY DANCE.

EVERYBODY DANCE, a documentary that dives into the transformative world of art as it empowers and emboldens children with neurological differences and disabilities. We follow five kids as they experience the thrill of movement and belonging, in preparing for their dance recital. We share in their struggles and triumphs, that all kids feel – as they, along with their families and dance teacher, discover the rhythm of inclusivity and acceptance.

By dancing, the children shake off isolation and the narrative of not being good enough. The arts are a great equalizer, allowing every child to discover the freedom of true self-expression. An inspiring journey of self-discovery, dedication, achievement and yes dance! Explains Watt, “After working for five years at Columbia Pictures in film development and then for five years with Simon Cowell, I decided it was time to follow my true passion and tell stories that had a deeper purpose and hopefully inspire and enlighten others in the world. I went from dancer, to choreographer, to musical producer to Bea Arthur’s Personal Assistant to Columbia Picture to Simon Cowell to here … AND I’m Queer!” “Here I am now at age 60 and my first film is releasing on VOD (October 2022). I chose October as my month of release as it is Cerebral Palsy and Spina Bifida Awareness Month and I feature kids with these differing abilities,” Watt adds. “It’s not often we get to see amazing kids in all walks of life have fun, although sometimes frustrating, accomplish their goals and dreams. I want this film to raise awareness and also offer insight to those who might come in contact with someone with differing abilities and if I’m lucky maybe open some eyes.” “These kids changed my life and if in some way this movie can do the same for someone else, any support and awareness we can bring to it will be a win for so many. I know I can also get interviews with some of the parents and kids if you’d like,” concludes Watt. “Stories about Queer success after fifty should be celebrated and so should these amazing kids and their journey.” Watch. Listen. Be inspired.

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