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Multiple organizations and individuals from throughout Southern California (and perhaps further) gathered in Palm Springs, California, January 15, 2024 (Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s actual birthday) for MLK Day honoring the the Life, Work and Legacy of the civil rights icon.

The focus of the day was centered on achieving just for survivors and ancestors of Section 14.

PromoHomo.TV® Producer/Host Nicholas Snow captured the bulk of the days activities in two Facebook live broadcast, including the rally earlier in the day at Frances Stevens Park, and the interfaith service at the United Methodist Church (participants particpated in a one-mile walk between the two, symbolic of marches in Selma, Alabama.” Both live broadcasts are included in this comprehensive episode of The Snowstorm, which may very well be the single most historic capturing of the inspirational day.

All sponsors and speakers are identified and acknowledged in the broadcast. Everyone was called to sign the petition at which states:

As efforts to unearth the truth and seek reparative justice have gained traction in America, exhaustive research has placed Palm Springs squarely in the pantheon of the country’s history of racially terrorizing African Americans by taking property and destroying political power.

Join us in demanding that Palm Springs recognize its true history and fulfill its commitment to make the Survivors and Descendants of Section 14 whole again. Sign the petition today. The website continues:

“In July 1966, the California State Attorney General’s Office initiated a criminal investigation into the actions of Palm Springs officials in the use of force and terror to drive Black and brown residents of Section 14 out of their homes and community. The subsequent 1968 report concluded that Palm Springs officials had burned and bulldozed the homes and property of thousands of Black and brown people in the 1950s and 1960s in a “city-engineered holocaust.”

Nearly 60 years passed before the City of Palm Springs conducted its own investigation. The City’s Human Rights Commission issued a jaw-dropping 400-page report of its findings and recommendations on April 28, 2021. Written by Ron deHarte (then chair of the Human Rights Commission and now an elected member of the city council), the report is the first time the City’s actions were uncovered in their entirety.”

In the days leading up to this event, Nicholas Snow presented a provocative preview…

Nicholas Snow goes there and talks about slavery, racism, race, and what it means to be an ally. In additional, learn all about MLK Day 2024 celebrations in Palm Springs.

For those who don’t already know, “MLK Day… Honoring the Life, Work and Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.” will be observed with three events Monday, January 15th, as follows

11:00 AM Unity Rally
Frances Stevens Park
555 North Palm Canyon Drive
Palm Springs, CA

11:30 AM Symbolic March to United Methodist Church of Palm Springs
1555 East Alejo Road, Palm Springs
(Approximately 1 mile)

12:30 PM Interfaith Service
United Methodist Church of Palm Springs
1555 East Alejo Road, Palm Springs

PromoHomo.TV® will bring you live coverage of the rally in the park at this page: The footage will be broadcast in a special MLK Day episode of The Snowstorm at 6 PM Pacific.


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