In a celebration of recent GAY Black History, Nicholas Snow and PromoHomo.TV® present an encore of the pre-event live coverage of Spring Affair, presented by Brothers of the Desert.

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Brothers of the Desert is a non-profit organization that provides a growing network of support for Black gay men and allies in the Coachella Valley. Their mission is to “nurture and support Black gay men and allies through philanthropy, volunteerism, mentorship, education, advocacy, and social networking. Their purpose is to change the dynamics that produce isolation, disconnection, and inequities among Black gay men.

This particular event honored “some of our most revered pioneers in the fight for justice and equality” including living legends Ron Oden, Barbara Carpenter, Gail Christian, and Lucy DeBardelaben (all of whom have been featured over the years on PromoHomo.TV®).

And to white folks our there, Nicholas Snow has a question for you. “Are you REALLLY an ally to black people? If so, do you have evidence to prove this? Can you bring the receipts?”

This is The Snowstorm. Watch. Listen. Be inspired.


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The Snowstorm is the live, interactive, hot topics panel discussion online television show from Nicholas Snow, creator, producer and host of PromoHomo.TV®, the online television network. A major focus is SAVING DEMOCRACY.

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