The NEXT episode will take viewers inside a GAY SEX CLUB, but you’ll only find that at so like, subscribe, and use the “Notify Me” feature. Watch now to learn why this is the final live episode of PromoHomo.TV® you may ever see broadcast into Facebook.

Yes, you read that right. This is the last live episode of PromoHomo.TV ®programming that will be broadcast into to Facebook.

Like many of you, Producer/Host Nicholas Snow is fed up with the changes made by Meta to Facebook and the huge obstacles that exist within their environment for content creators. The platform simply wants our money, and they discount that we, all of us posting to Facebook, are the reason everyone goes there.

Snow has discovered that when he broadcasts episodes into his Facebook page, with over 8,500 likes and follows, the social media platform does NOT, for the most part, let ANYONE know the broadcast is happening. Then, when Snow shares the broadcast into up to 40 or 50 Facebook groups, even those group members do not see the post (and those who may be tired of seeing them).

So, in this “goodbye” episode, Snow let’s you know why and how he’s leaving, the extent to which he will still be engaged with Facebook, and he will let viewers know how to stay connected.

Quite simply, Snow is now producing his broadcasts for those people who really want them, support them, and seek them out.

For anyone who sees this and who may not watch the actual episode, if interested, please take these steps:


The Snowstorm is the live, interactive, hot topics panel discussion online television show from Nicholas Snow, creator, producer and host of PromoHomo.TV®, the online television network. A major focus is SAVING DEMOCRACY.

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  9. Share this broadcast widely on all your social media, including into appropriate groups.
  10. And finally, visit www.PromoHomo.TV on a regular basis.

Thank you. Together we’ll make The Snowstorm “a blizzard of global proportion.


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