As soon as you are confirmed, please email:

  • A press release and/or biographical parargagh
  • Headshot(s), key art and any other images and info key to telling your story.
  • Video Clips (or links to download them).

Please note, we will only use video clips if granted the appropriate copyright permissions to use the videos, and if the copyright holder agrees not to challenge our use of the video in our various social media channels.

These items will be used in advance of your appearance to promote your appearance. 


  • A day or two, or even a week before your appearance, your episode will be scheduled and available for viewing and sharing at PromoHomo.TV, Facebook and YouTube, to your social media platforms and profiles.
  • You will be provided with the specific links for use in social sharing, and we find it is most effective to widely share the episode across social media after the initial broadcast.


  1. Unless you are specifically broadcasting from an event or breaking news location, please select a quiet location for your appearance.
  2. Be aware of your background when you are facing the camera on your device. Is the background interesting? Does your background add to the story, distract from it, or is it neutral?  (Avoid distracting backgrounds).  If you do NOT have an actual green screen, please do NOT use a virtual background option.


  • Best practices call for the use of AirPods, Ear Buds or headphones (with built-in microphone) for your interview, to avoid echoes and unplesant audio feedback during the broadcast (please make sure they are fully charged so they don’t power down during your interview). Please let me know if this is not an option for you.


Have you noticed, with the multitude of remote guests on Network Television, how many of them are not looking into their cameras, but rather at someone else’s image on their own devices?  And some guests look and sound so much better than others because of their preparation!  With this in mind…

  1. If using a computer (like me) put a “Look Here” post-it with an arrow pointing to the camera on your computer (as seen in the photo above) to remind you where to look when you’re talking.
  2. Please make sure the camera on your device (computer, mobile phone or tablet) is well-placed, and sees you at an angle you feel is best representative of who you are.  Avoid placing the camera lower than your face so it is shooting up at you. It is best to place the camera at the same level as your eyes or better yet, shooting slightly down at you (my laptop is elevated, and my webcam is just above my eye level when I am seated in front of it).
  3. Make sure your face is well-lit, and that you don’t have any bright lights behind you.


  1. Please activate the “Do Not Disturb” feature to keep other calls, texts and notifications from interrupting your interview. (Use the moon symbol on an iPhone, as seen in the photo. Android devices have a a similar setting, but I don’t know what the icon is).
  2. Choose whatever is stronger, a WiFi signal or your cellular data plan. If you have a weak WiFi signal, TURN OFF WiFi on your phone so it doesn’t automatically connect or try to connect to the weak WiFi instead of using mobile data during the broadcast (I have forgotton to turn off weak WiFi more than once, creating connectivity issues, diminishing what would have otherwise been technically stellar broadcasts).
  3. When at all possible, please do NOT hand-hold your device during the broadcast.  Place it in the LANDSCAPE (wide) position on a stable surface or in a gimbal, tri-pod or other device.  If broadcasting from an event or breaking news site, the combination of hand-held videography with a gimbal or stablilizer is preferred.


Well, before your appearance, you will have received a private, episode-specific link for connecting to your interview.

I will open the virtual studio 15 minutes before the broadcast.

  1. Please check in to the virtual studio TEN MINUTES BEFORE YOUR BROADCAST so we can troubleshoot any audio/video/internet connectivity issues.
  2. As part of the process, you will be asked to enter your name.  Feel free to include your preferred pronouns and/or social media handle if you would like.


  • If you get knocked off the broadcast because of technical issues, you may reconnect to the broadcast the same way you connected initially.
  • If I get kicked off the live broadcast (yes, me, Nicholas Snow, the host), and if you are live on screen when this happens, YOU WILL STILL BE LIVE AND ON SCREEN.  If this happens, please improvise.  Say something like, “Our host has been knocked off the air because of technical difficulties, and will rejoin us shortly.  In the meantime, I would also tell you about….”  and then simply say the sorts of things you would want to talk about during the interview.  THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED, BUT I WANT YOU TO BE PREPARED IF IT DOES.


Now that you have read my tips for an excellent broadcast, CLICK HERE to review final, important technical requirements for your appearance.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

With Gratitude,

Nicholas Snow, Producer/Host – PromoHomo.TV