Joining this Oscar® Sunday premiere, Producer/Host Nicholas Snow welcomes Rich Weismann and Philip Hodges, co-founders of the Ibis Institute Group which “envisions a new paradigm for LGBTQ+ (and potentially other) Democratic candidates to win elections by utilizing comprehensive, data driven, thoughtful, analytic, and disciplined techniques and practices available today in the business (both corporate and entrepreneurial) and academic worlds —but often not found in traditional political campaigns.”

Appropriately, Ibis is the ancient Egyptian symbol of wisdom, knowledge and communication.

As we further learn at, Ibis is working with campaigns to reimagine and fine tune how they identify, target, reach, and engage voters, helping to refine their current approach to marketing, advertising, branding, and voter outreach and engagement. With a team that consists of people with deep experience and expertise in the business and academic world (including marketing, communications, research, and planning/development techniques) Ibis structures its consultative support with candidates and deliverables through a business-focused strategic management and product/service management approach.

Rich Weismann is a data scientist, marketing executive, and was founder, owner, and CEO of an award-winning data analytics tech company that serves financial institutions throughout the U.S. and Canada. He is recognized for his thought leadership and innovative ability to integrate analytics, machine learning, and AI with marketing into new strategic and sustainability paradigms applied to business, communications, finance, and now, politics.

Philip Hodges Philip is a Managing Director at a large, global asset management firm. In this role, he manages $20+ billion of client assets using sophisticated quantitative techniques designed to extract signal from noise in the financial markets in order to accurately forecast asset returns. Philip’s passion is using advanced data, AI, and technology to better understand and solve problems, both in the financial/economic world and on a broader level focusing on issues facing humanity, improving the effectiveness of leaders by providing them with data-driven analysis and solutions.

He is co-founder and is on the Leadership Team of Ibis Group Institute Think Tank (all volunteer organization), affiliated with the LGBTQ U.S. Congressional Caucus for the U.S. House and Senate, as part of the Equality PAC (the political arm of the Caucus for new LGBTQ candidates). Under Philip’s leadership, Ibis brings novel and sophisticated techniques to help new LGBTQ Congressional campaigns nationwide.

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