Watch as thousands of spectators gather along palm tree-lined streets to cheer and support local organizations, activists and themed floats. Now an annual tradition, PromoHomo.TV® once again broadcasts the Greater Palm Springs Pride Parade worldwide via its YouTube channel, in 2023 from the new location at Thompson Palm Springs, 400 N. Palm Canyon Drive. Returning to the panel, Delfina Zarate, Clifton Tatum, Jonathan P. Mugridge, and Producer/Host Nicholas Snow.

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A big shout out to Official PromoHomo.TV® media partners, KGAY 106.5 Palm Springs, GayDesertGuide.LGBT, and the #ILoveGay Campaign from Pink Media.

Thanks as well to the Thompson Palm Springs for the new broadcast location.


Taking a stand against anti-drag bills and LGBTQ+ extremism and to support the historic form of artistic expression and advocacy, Palm Springs Pride organizers announced at the Drag4Drag rally in April the 2023 Pride Week theme is ‘Drag Now. Drag Forever.’ At that same April event,Greater Palm Springs Pride declared Palm Springs a Drag Sanctuary City to honor and celebrate freedom of expression of all forms, and to highlight harmful legislation and physical violence targeting members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Palm Springs Pride president and CEO Ron deHarte said, ‘Drag Now. Drag Forever.’ is a theme that calls on the community to unite and support the drag community. Drag is not a crime. Our country has a rich history of drag as an artistic expression, standard of activism, and the backbone of fundraising in the community. We call on everyone to support the drag community and fight all anti-LGBTQ+ bills that threaten the freedom and equality of all.”

In keeping with the theme, one of the oldest living drag queens in the world, James “Gypsy” Haake, will be recognized as the 2023 Pride Parade Grand Marshal. Trixie Mattel will be honored as the Celebrity Grand Marshal and Ethylina Canne will be celebrated as the Community Grand Marshal of the Greater Palm Springs Pride Parade scheduled for November 5 in Palm Springs. The honorees are masters of the craft, and their participation will affirm the Palm Springs Pride theme, Drag Now. Drag Forever.

“Celebrating the careers, achievements, and community service of drag queens from different generations is not just an act of recognition; it’s a powerful statement of solidarity and resilience. In a time marked by political unrest and attacks on the drag community, coming together to celebrate the diversity and resilience of drag queens from all generations sends a powerful message that we are united and unwavering in our commitment to equality and acceptance,” said Ron deHarte, President and CEO of Greater Palm Springs Pride.

By honoring Gypsy, Trixie, and Ethylina, we acknowledge their resilience and ability to thrive at times when being a Drag performer in some cities is met with severe prejudice. Moreover, their stories inspire younger generations, illustrating the progress that has been made and reminding us of the work that still needs to be done in the fight for equality.

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