Watch the video for a very personal message from Nicholas Snow on the occasion of World AIDS Day, December 1, 2021.

PromoHomo.TV® launched the Fall 2021 season September 14th with the series premiere of Life Positive, inspired by Snow’s living-powerfully-with-HIV memoir, Life Positive: A Journey to the Center of My Heart.

Life Positive the series is “Spotlighting people living with, impacted by, and/or working to bring about the end of HIV/AIDS.” In this series premiere we learn about the Aging Positively – Reunion Project, an annual and this year virtual conference built around the theme of HIV and Aging.

Also, in this episode, Snow gets up close and personal with advocate and activist Brett Klein (pictured with Nicholas); examines how the organization PALS helps LGBTQ Seniors prepare for the future; and shares news of exciting research taking place at DAP Health in the fight against HIV/AIDS. In addition, we hear from Chris Christensen who tells us about the important work of both the HIV + Aging Research Project Palm Springs and Let’s Kick ASS Palm Springs.

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