The haters are out in force doing everything they can to attack the LGBTQ+ Community, especially trans and nonbinary people and their families. At this moment in time, we need Authentic Selves: Celebrating Trans and Nonbinary People and Their Families, a new book of interviews by Peggy Gillespie. Producer/Host Nicholas Snow is honored to welcome the author to PromoHomo.TV®.

Groundbreaking in its depictions of joy and community, Authentic Selves celebrates trans and nonbinary people and their families in stunning photographs and their own words. Foreword by transgender activist Jazz Jennings and her mom and fellow activist Jeanette Jennings.

So often trans and nonbinary people’s stories are told only through the lens of their struggles and challenges, including their political battles for legal rights, but trans and nonbinary people live rich and fulfilling lives full of joy and community too. Authentic Selves is a sweeping compilation of life stories and portraits of trans and nonbinary people, as well as their partners, parents, children, siblings, and chosen family members.

The stories in Authentic Selves provide a glimpse into the real lives, both the challenges and the triumphs, of these remarkable people and their families—people like Senator Sarah McBride, disability justice advocate Parker Glick, drag entertainer TAYLOR ALXNDR, September 11th first responder Jozeppi Angelo Morelli, model Lana Patel, youth activist Elliott Bertrand, and so many others—all of whom are working to create a more just, diverse, and compassionate world. Developed in collaboration with PFLAG National and Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund.

Peggy Gillespie, MA, CSW, is the cofounder and director of Family Diversity Projects, a nonprofit organization devoted to helping eliminate prejudice. The organization tells the stories of real people presented in award-winning traveling photo and text exhibits. Gillespie is the editor of all of the exhibits and books, including Love Makes a Family: Portraits of LGBT People and their Families, among others.

Authentic Selves

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