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Nicholas Snow is a grateful resident of an affordable housing complex in Palm Springs, California, built by DAP Health (and partners) where he gets his healthcare. As a resident, a few years ago Snow was asked to participate in a social media campaign for Lift to Rise.

The photos for that campaign, taken by the amazing Noé Montes, were then used in a billboard campaign to raise awareness throughout the Coachella Valley (and anyone driving through it) of the amazing efforts of

Lift To Rise and its partners. In this episode of The Snowstorm, Nicholas Snow documents the first time he saw the billboard on which he appears. Lift to Rise is a collaboration of more than 70 partners, including private and public sector leaders and community advocates, working on a bold plan to radically increase housing stability and economic mobility for everyone in the Coachella Valley.

GET INVOLVED WITH LIFT TO RISE… True transformation is a community effort. The more we work together, the greater the change. 



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