On your Outinerary® for this episode of PromoHomo.TV®, we welcome the PS Homeboys to preview this Saturday’s Pride Under the Pinese 2.0, Hosted by Sabryna Williams & Transgender Singer/Songwriter Alexa Abraxas. The second annual event features outdoor activities, optional round-trip luxury bus and an interactive screen of the film The BIrdcage.

Last year, battered by COVID wave after COVID wave, two gay Palm Springs entrepreneurs got together and said – we’re coming out: out into the open and up on the mountain for the first ever Pride Under the Pines. Buoyed by rave reviews and good business for Idyllwild, they’re doing it again! On Saturday, October 1 (12pm – 9pm), PS HomeBoys presents the second annual Pride Under The Pines, bringing desert heat to the cool gay heights for a day of out-and-proud food, fun, artists, vendors and fabulous entertainment. Dancing is a given, with live trax spun by DJ Galaxy from K-Gay and an interactive screening of The Birdcage hosted by drag superstar Sabryna Williams and Transgender Singer/Songwriter Alexa Abraxas. Featured performer for the day is Thea Austin, known for the wildly popular German Eurodance sensation “Rhythm is a Dancer.”

Pride Festival tickets are $ 15; festival and movie pass (The Birdcage) packages are $ 30 and round-trip Palm Springs to Idyllwild luxury party bus plus an all-events inclusive tickets are $ 100. Special Channel Q VIP Lounge ticket includes complementary open bar. Vaccination for Monkeypox is strongly encouraged. 

“Pride Under The Pines was created out of love for Idyllwild and a sense of community,” said PS Homeboys owners and event organizers Niels Kosman and Jeremy Taylor who fell in love with Idyllwild’s Rustic Theatre and its owners Gail and Graham during a trip in 2020. “Over several delicious beers the question was raised among the four of us, ‘How Come Idyllwild Does Not Have a Gay Pride Yet’ recognizing the LGBTQ-Presence in the town. So, we created one.”

Last year’s inaugural event on October 23, 2021 drew over 800 people to the town’s fresh mountain air and charming ambiance. Area businesses, restaurants and hotels were thrilled with the uptick in business.
“I saw this wonderful leopard print full length jacket walking down the street across from our theatre and just knew we needed to meet the owner, the rest is History,” said Gail Sutherland and Graham Sutherland, the definition of straight allies. “As the Entertainment Center of Idyllwild, our goal is to be diversified and all-inclusive so we are truly honored and excited to be a part of something as special as this event”.”

“Our LGBTQ+ rights are under attack,” said Jeremy and Niels in a statement noting the importance of Pride Under The Pines and similar events serving as a voice of the community to defend those rights. “With the Supreme Court overturning Roe vs. Wade and possibly Obergefell vs. Hodges under threat, we feel the need to defend our rights. Elections are a month after Pride Under The Pines so putting our rights into the spotlight is important. Pride is not exclusive to the LGBTQ+ community but an all-inclusive event to spread diversity awareness.”

Pick up for the KGAY Party Bus is at 11am in front of Chill Bar Palm Springs (217 E Arenas Rd, Palm Springs, CA 92262) with return leaving at 9pm from The Rustic Theatre (54290 N. Circle Drive Idyllwild).
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