Writes Rick Guasco for the Positively Aware Magazine’s 26th Annual HIV Drug Guide in his Behind The Cover feature story…

“From the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s through today’s COVID pandemic, people living with HIV have endured isolation in one form or another while reaching for community to find support, information, and hope. We might be alone, but we’re also together.

That was the theme behind the Los Angeles photo shoot for the cover (and additional photos) of the 26th annual HIV Drug Guide, which brought together people living with HIV—both recently diagnosed and long-term survivors—and care providers in the HIV field, all passionate about their work, and some living with HIV as well. They each make a unique contribution, finding a place in the communities they serve.”

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PromoHomo.TV® founder Nicholas Snow was honored to be among those who gathered for the photo shoot (by photographer Mark Harvey), and is equally honored to feature most if not all of superstars in this special episode of Life Positive, which is “Spotlighting people living with, impacted by, and/or working to bring about the end of HIV/AIDS.”

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For almost 30 years, TPAN’s magazine, POSITIVELY AWARE has been among the most trusted sources of HIV treatment and advocacy news. It is a national voice for amplifying the concerns and resource needs for people living with HIV across the U.S. We provide accurate, up-to-date treatment information for people living with HIV/AIDS and their caregivers. We also cover all of the most important medical conferences, including CROI and IAC. The magazine serves as an educational tool for HIV caregivers and helps to provide their clients and patients with the best treatment information available. We are also read by influential HIV researchers and policy makers


Since its first edition in 1997, POSITIVELY AWARE’s annual HIV Drug Guide is our most popular issue. The HIV Drug Guide is an A to Z reference to all FDA approved antiretroviral drugs, as well as those nearing approval. Included are tips on how to use the drugs, side effect and drug interaction charts, and a pull-out drug chart. What distinguishes the HIV Drug Guide is its insightful comments on each drug from both a nationally respected HIV physician and a community activist. Many people with HIV, their case managers, and doctors hold on to their copy of the HIV Drug Guide, referring to it throughout the year.

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