Nicholas Snow and PromoHomo.TV® are live after a performance by The Bent theatre company of GROSS INDECENCY: THE THREE TRIALS OF OSCAR WILDE by Moises Kaufman, with performances through October 29th at The Palm Springs Cultural Center.

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Explain the producers, “GROSS INDECENCY, based entirely on facts, is a blueprint for the price Oscar Wilde paid for his status as a gay icon. In 1895 the Marquess of Queensberry, the father of Oscar Wilde’s young lover, left a card at Wilde’s club referring to Wilde as a “Posing Sodomite.” Wilde sued for criminal libel which set off an avalanche of ruin for Wilde in all aspects of his life. Queensbury was acquitted and Wilde was put on trial for “gross indecency with male persons.” With characters that range from Wilde, his lover Lord Douglas, Queensbury, Queen Victoria and London rent boys, Wilde’s story is told through courts transcripts, newspapers and other first person accounts.

Playwright Moises Kaufman is also the writer of THE LARAMIE PROJECT, a beautiful play about the reaction to the murder of Matthew Shepard.”

The Washington Post calls GROSS INDECENCY…

“A triumph…truth, purity, and simplicity suffuse this thoroughly engrossing new play…sweeps away cobwebs and distortions, allowing complex, credible human beings to emerge from history.”

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