The Snowstorm is the new, live, nightly, interactive, online, hot topics panel discussion television show from Nicholas Snow, creator, producer and host of PromoHomo.TV®, the online television network. In this January 1st, premiere episode the panel asks, “How will we save democracy in 2024?”

Hearts across the world are reunited with San Francisco these days because of the intense, powerful Showtime series Fellow Travelers. For Nicholas Snow, that storyline of that series ends in the very years his young adult activism was forged early in the AIDS epidemic.

Today’s guest Matthew Bamberg also has a very special relationship the city by the bay as chronicled in his story for The Gay & Lesbian Review ( … a bimonthly magazine of history, culture and politics) entitled Pride and Acceptance in San Francisco. He joins us today to speak about these experiences and so much more.


Bamberg is a generalist, hitting a variety of themes and topics in photography, writing, education, and atmospheric science. He considers knowledge in terms of art by including images as part of each discipline.
Matthew grew up in Miami after his parents immigrated from New York and New Jersey.

As a teenager, he worked in Coconut Grove, Florida, in sales, not as a picture-perfect young person, but as an incipient flower child.

The Vietnam War raged at a time when the first boats and planes arrived in South Florida from Cuba when Fidel Castro overthrew the government.

Hippies clogged Miami area parks, creating crowds at “Love Ins.”

Their message and chant: “All we are saying is give peace a chance.”

Matthew’s offbeat topics from his youth experiences are used in much of his fiction writing on


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