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Tinseltown’s Queer: 30 Years Later (A sneak peak at the complete documentary about Nicholas Snow’s historic public access television show)

Long before Will & Grace, Brokeback Mountain, Queer Eye or RuPaul, there was Nicholas Snow and Tinseltown’s Queer. In preparation for the 30th Anniversary of Nicholas Snow’s ground-breaking public access television show, Tinseltown’s Queer, he accidentally made this documentary featuring iconic archival television clips of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, as well as champions of the LGBTQ+ civil rights movement.

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2024 When Worlds Collide: Debate Losses and Wins | The Snowstorm | PromoHomo.TV®

Returning to co-host is political warrior Joy Silver who this year won her race for the Riverside County Democratic Party Central Committee representing the 47th Assembly District. Silver s currently the Riverside County Democratic Party Chair, a founder of the activist group Courageous Resistance-Indivisible of the Desert, and former Vice President of Democratic Women of the Desert.

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