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Meet The Love Guru, Byron Jamal, Who Knows How You Can Find, Attract and Keep the Man You Deserve

In his book (one of many) Dating Men: The Inclusive Guide to Find, Attract and Keep the Man You Deserve, Byron Jamal explains that “People who love themselves attract ‘good’ men who want to love and cherish them.” One of the most fascinating aspects of the book is that it is targeting ANYONE who dates men.

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Kristel Why: Mental Health Advocate and Rising Tik Tok Star | The Nicholas Snow Show

Kristel Why explains, “SAD BUT RAD CLUB is a movement to destigmatize the struggles many of us have with our mental health. It is a reminder that we hold value as human beings even when we’re depressed, anxious, obsessive, manic, lonely. SAD BUT RAD CLUB is an anthem that declares we are perfect as we are and will be equally perfect when we become who we want to be.”

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Accidental Social Media Star: Matt Skallerud of “I Love Gay Today”

While under lockdown during the pandemic, social media guru Matt Skallerud launched a simple video program to highlight the amazing people he works with and the communities he loves. A year later, the “I Love Gay Today” show is a big hit across social media platforms. Having worked be behind the scenes with influencers before there was a name for them (just ask Nicholas Snow), Matt is now very much in the spotlight.

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