EIGHT4NINE’s Virtual 5th Anniversary Broadcast

In this very special live broadcast on EIGHT4NINE’s actual fifth anniversary, we spotlight the community that has made our success possible, and since co-owners Willie Rhine and John Paschal would never throw a party for themselves, Producer/Host Nicholas Snow is placing this dynamic duo center stage as we thank them for who they are in the world, for the contributions they make – both known and unknown – to all of us, and to celebrate they and their team’s FIVE YEARS OF BEING NICE.

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“Desert AIDS Project (D.A.P.) marks its beginning in 1984, the year it received official non-profit status. It’s an important milestone and represents the dedication and true grit of the founders who came together to help members of their community die with dignity through compassionate hospice care. But for founding member and first executive director George Sonsel, D.A.P. was born five years earlier.”

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Life Positive: A Journey to the Center of My Heart

Life Positive: A Journey to The Center of My Heart… A Living-Powerfully-With-HIV-Memoir by Nicholas Snow

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