ELECTRICITY: Live Theatre. Live Streamed. Meet Playwright/Star Terry Ray & Co-Star Mel England

ELECTRICITY Playwright/Co-Star Terry Ray and Co-Star Mel England join Notes From Hollywood on PromoHomo.TV to discuss upcoming lives streamed performances of the hit, Off Broadway-bound play. While Broadway’s lights are dim, audiences around the world can purchase tickets and experience live theatre from the comfort of their own homes.

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RECOVERY COMES OUT OF THE CLOSET: Ken Seeley of Intervention911 & A&E’s Intervention

Ken Seeley, Founder/Interventionist at Intervention911- widely known from the riveting TV show Intervention – joins #HIGHRPOWRD to talk about the need shine a brighter spotlight on recovery options available to those who are suffering from drug, alcohol and other addictions and co-addictions. He will also share his Experience, Strength and Hope as it relates to his own recovery journey.

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Life Positive: A Journey to the Center of My Heart

Life Positive: A Journey to The Center of My Heart… A Living-Powerfully-With-HIV-Memoir by Nicholas Snow

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