The Great Political Divide: Can we come back from Trump’s destruction of civility?

A recent meme posted to Nicholas Snow’s public Facebook page featuring a photo of E. Jean Carroll with the text, “I just grabbed him by the wallet!”, has garnered at the time of this announcement 861 likes, laughs and hearts, approaching 400 comments and over 200 shares. Within the comments thread the discourse is far from civil, with the polarization of American politics on full display. Nicholas Snow believes Trump is to blame for the complete breakdown of civility in our country.

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Taylor Swift scares the sh*t out of Republicans. Is she a CIA operative?

“The conspiracy theories coming out of the Make America Great Again contingent were already legion: that Ms. Swift is a secret agent of the Pentagon; that she is bolstering her fan base in preparation for her endorsement of President Biden’s re-election; or that she and Mr. Kelce are a contrived couple, assembled to boost the N.F.L. or Covid vaccines or Democrats or whatever.”

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Life Positive: A Journey to the Center of My Heart

Life Positive: A Journey to The Center of My Heart… A Living-Powerfully-With-HIV-Memoir by Nicholas Snow

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