PromoHomo.TV® Producer/Host Nicholas Snow is live in this episode of HIGHRPOWRD for the dedication of the new Peace Labyrinth at the Center for Spiritual Living Palm Springs.

The unicursal (one way in, one way out) Peace Labyrinth spreads out through the CSL PS front yard and is the largest labyrinth of this style in the Coachella Valley.

“We are honored to have the presence of Palm Springs Mayor Lisa Middleton,” said Peter Bedard, one of the labyrinth creators, who is encouraging everyone walk the Peace Labyrinth and “be part of the call for Peace, within and without, and around the world.”

Labyrinths are used by many different religions and spiritual practices and all are welcome to walk the CSL PS Peace Labyrinth (Indigenous, Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Wiccan, LGBTQIA+, etc.) all are welcome!

Labyrinth’s have long been places for meditation and spiritual reflection predating Christianity by hundreds of years and were present in Ancient Greece and Egypt. They can be a local and tourist destination and provide a place for community and connection. People from all over the world visit labyrinths and it is their goal to share this beautiful space globally.

Creators invite you to “Come meditate, gaze upon our Peace Pole, and go on a personal pilgrimage without leaving the comforts of the Coachella Valley. Write your message of peace down and pin it to the Peace Pole for yourself, the community, and the world.The Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL) bring philosophy, religion and science together. They offer principles for living and spiritual tools to transform personal lives and help.”

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