As Jake Ingrassia reported for KESQ June 2, 2023, “Hakan Isik of Desert Hot Springs was charged with violently attacking five individuals over the past year, and additional victims have now come forward to share their harrowing experiences.”

June 15, 2023, Ingrassia reported, also for KESQ, “Isik is accused of being a serial rapist involved in multiple violent and sexual assaults. He faces 9 felony and misdemeanor charges spanning 5 victims, including the sexual assault of a Palm Springs man who said he met Isik on a dating app. If convicted, Isik faces life in prison.” The alleged rapist was held on a $1 million bail on this date.

The local GAY MEN IN PALM SPRINGS CA Facebook group was instrumental in connecting the dots, and even victims in this case, and that group’s creator and moderator, Raymond Lafleur, appears in The Snowstorm to update viewers on latest developments. The group as over 13,000 members.

Explains LaFleur, I started an online community for gay men in Palm Springs at the beginning of COVID. It evolved into a valuable resource for people to maintain social contacts, to promote factual information about the epidemic as well as local restrictions and guidance. It’s also a resource for gay owned small businesses and entrepreneurs to promote themselves, make the community aware of local events, and to recommend local services. The group is also involved in local issues which affects the community of gay men such as assisting law enforcement in the arrest of a serial sexual assaulter in the Palm Springs area and working with the many victims involved to the issues surrounding the proposed Palm Springs AIDS Memorial.”

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