“It has been my experience, after working with young people for over 30 years, that when given a fair and balanced chance at life, the majority of young people make good choices.”

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Leatherman Clifton Tatum (Photos by Chris Green)


Clifton Tatum’s winning of Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2015 in November 2014 was one more step, albeit a very visible one, in a lifelong journey of being of service. Having interviewed Clifton Tatum on multiple occasions, this time he dives, via FACEBOOK LIVE video, into the heart and soul of a Leatherman, to expose myths about the leather community, and give the general public compelling thoughts to ponder. In the competition, in addition to the fashion, posing and of course the interview question, Clifton spoke of his vision of supporting LGBT youth charities, foster care and suicide prevention programs, and the fight against bullying. He has remained true to his word.

Clifton Tatum, Photo, Image, Chris Green

Clifton Tatum. Photo by Chris Green.