PromoHomo.TV® Producer/Host Nicholas Snow is Live and On Location in this episode of HOT IN PALM SPRINGS for the official unveiling of the surprisingly controversial 26′ tall “Forever Marilyn” sculpture of the Hollywood Icon by Seward Johnson.

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The protests completely against the statue by many and simply against the location by others, as well as approval of the Forever Marilyn’s return by 70% of those surveyed (as reported in local news broadcasts) is testament to the power of art as well as the artist’s original intent: “With his Icons Revisited series, sculptor Seward Johnson captures images that have held their impact over generations, becoming embedded in our collective subconscious. This series asks the viewer to consider why certain images stay with us, and how their meaning changes over time.” Did you get that? “This series asks the viewer to consider why certain images stay with us, and how their meaning changes over time.”

Organizers explain:

“P.S. Resorts – a nonprofit organization made up of local hoteliers to promote Palm Springs tourism through events and attractions – purchased the sculpture to bring her back to Palm Springs following her initial 2-year exhibition in Palm Springs from 2012 to 2014.

Inspired by the famous moment when Marilyn Monroe appeared with her white dress billowing aloft, the sculpture was described as a ‘tourism phenomenon’ during its first placement in downtown Palm Springs, attracting a steady stream of visitors daily and generating millions of dollars in local retail sales and media coverage in support of Palm Springs’ number one industry – tourism.”

All true.

Those opposing “Forever Marilyn” (search any social media for #MeTooMarilyn) say on their website, “It’s not nostalgia. It’s misogyny,” and on their Facebook page they refer to the sculpture as a “26-foot monstrosity.” (In case you don’t know, a “monstrosity” is “something, especially a building, that is very large and is considered unsightly” according to the Google dictionary. The Me Too Marilyn Facebook page is operated by the Women’s March Foundation, and its president Emiliana Guereca believes Forever Marilyn should not be on city property. “This particular statue the way it is built is misogynistic.” said Guereca, “We are also no longer in the 1950s. There’s also a Me-Too culture going on. We are demanding respect for women and public spaces, which should be part of it as well.”
Those welcoming “Forever Marilyn” have been encouraged to wear white, while those protesting have been asked to wear pink. No doubt, this story will continue to unfold as we “consider why certain images stay with us, and how their meaning changes over time,” not only in our collective subconscious, but very much in our current, evolving, public consciousness. Whether you love the sculpture or hate her, isn’t it fabulous that we can all participate in this public discourse, and actually gather together in person without masks?

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