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Palm Springs Pride Parade 2021 Broadcasting Worldwide | A PromoHomo.TV® Exclusive

For the fifth year in a row, PromoHomo.TV®’s Nicholas Snow is honored to produce and host the Official Worldwide Broadcast of the Palm Springs Pride Parade, this year simul-streaming LIVE across YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and at the website PromoHomo.TV® – complete with co-hosts, multiple camera angles and network television-style production values.

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NBC Palm Springs to Preview the PromoHomo.TV® Worldwide Broadcast of the Palm Springs Pride Parade

Serendipitously, in one of those you-can’t-plan-for-this moments on television, fab media personalties from NBC Palm Springs, a major sponsor of the recent Desert AIDS Walk, converged at the tale end of PromoHomo.TV’s live broadcast at the walk, and who should appear as well, but David Brinkman, CEO of DAP Health.

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