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OMG! Palm Springs Pride is Happening IRL! (IN REAL LIFE!) Nov. 1-7, 2021: Official Announcement Broadcast

“We are planning on hosting the largest event in the history of Palm Springs. It will be a massive “Coming Out” celebration,” explains Ron deHarte, President, Palm Springs Pride. “This year Pride is truly a Coming Out celebration of all that Palm Springs represents – life, love, community, the desert environment, diversity, and our friendly mid-century vibe!”

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World Gay Boxing Championships to Take Place February 20-24, 2023, in Sydney, Australia

Founder/CEO Martin Stark joins The Nicholas Snow Show live from Sydney to tell us all about this historic event, a PromoHomo.TV® Exclusive Interview. Explains Stark, “That feeling you get when you’re putting on your straps & gloves and going a few rounds. It’s an intense feeling that we love! Nothing else quite comes as close to this feeling.”

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