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Keeping the Community Informed During the Pandemic: The #ILoveGayPalmSprings​ Podcasters

Our guests today would normally be out and about everywhere all the time, leading exciting personal and professional lives, engaging with their communities in exciting and vibrant ways, but BAM! THE PANDEMIC! …which made the #ILoveGaySprings​ Podcast all the more important as we all learned to reinvent our lives and engage with one another safely, when and where we could.

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Meet The Love Guru, Byron Jamal, Who Knows How You Can Find, Attract and Keep the Man You Deserve

In his book (one of many) Dating Men: The Inclusive Guide to Find, Attract and Keep the Man You Deserve, Byron Jamal explains that “People who love themselves attract ‘good’ men who want to love and cherish them.” One of the most fascinating aspects of the book is that it is targeting ANYONE who dates men.

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