You don’t have to be HIV positive to attend.  This event is for people who are impacted by HIV, and/or who wish to strengthen their ability to be allies, whether one is HIV positive, negative, or of unknown HIV status.

Nicholas Snow welcomes Sunnie Rose Berger of The Life Group LA to speak about the invaluable experience of The POZ Life Weekend Seminar, a place where compassion, education, community and love is offered unconditionally. It’s a place HIV+ men, women, youths and family members can come be themselves, feel comforted and support in their effort to learn how to either live a long healthy productive POZitive lifestyle, or help someone they know and love overcome the fears associated with being HIV+.

Their diverse group of Presenters, Volunteers and Staff can effectively reach out and relate to the specific issues that can concern and equally diverse group of men, women, people of color, gay men and heterosexual HIV individuals. Age is not relevant in most cases, however each community and culture has specific needs for support, and each is addressed in breakout or concurrent sessions according to the specific demographic majority of the enrolled number of participants.

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