The L-Fund Board of Directors invited the organizations’ volunteers to a July 28 Brunch at Lulu California Bistro, generously underwritten by the restaurant’s owners, Jerry & Barbara Keller.  A volunteer himself, Nicholas Snow was invited, and while the L-Fund’s former board president and new Executive Director Barbara J. Carpenter insisted that Snow not “work,” he did not comply, happily preserving an aspect of the event in this live interview for the PromoHomo.TV platform. As the L-Fund explains on their official website: Our History In 2012, a group of friends asked themselves, “How can we positively impact the lives of Lesbians in our community?” In that moment, the L-Fund was born, acknowledging that Lesbians are underserved by many social service agencies and frequently do not have the same family support as heterosexual women. Our fund operates on values of trust, confidentiality, and integrity. We focus on serving Lesbians in the Coachella Valley and nearby. How we raise funds Events such as the Annual Gala, Pride Dance and Golf Tournament, combined with monthly donations, and other generous donations, raise ongoing funds. We give financial assistance to Lesbians – based upon our ability and processes – within 24 hours of learning of their emergency need. Awareness of the L-Fund continues to grow and more women are turning to us for help. We want to make sure you have the chance to show your commitment in supporting the L-Fund’s mission. Your support helps us continue to be there as a visible part of our community, and to helping Lesbians in their time of need. ABOUT PROMOHOMO.TV PromoHomo.TV is presented with the support of Desert AIDS Project, Lulu California Bistro, Acqua California Bistro and Eight4Nine Restaurant and Lounge, with additional support on the horizon.  Programming is distributed in partnership with the #ILoveGay campaign. The editorial mission of programming on PromoHomo.TV is “Connecting The Circuitry of Humanity.”  For more information about the history of Snow’s Multimedia Entertainment Activism, visit this link. For Nicholas Snow’s movie and television acting clips, visit this link.