White Party White Carpet Arrivals 2017.  Apologies for not knowing who the first singer was!  Laugh at us as we confuse her for someone else (shows you how old I am!)


Yes, you’ve heard it from THE Promo Homo himself (me, Nicholas Snow), that PromoHomo.TV was essentially born at White Party Palm Springs 2016, so, as I write this – hundreds of thousands of views later – we’re about to celebrate our second anniversary!

I’ve been reporting about the White Party in various incarnations for decades, and was credentialed for the 2016 event for my audio podcast when Facebook finally enabled live video for Android phones (I had a Samsung at the time).  The downside was that one could only broadcast square videos (I have since switched over to iPhones and now broadcast almost exclusively in 4K HD landscape).

So, given that I had already been a television journalist among my media incarnations, I decided to report the event via video, and a few days and and about 10,000 views later, I was on to something.

It was a couple of months after that I honed in on the brand PromoHomo.TV.  In the 1990’s I was referred to as “LA’s Primo Promo Homo on the Go-Go” because of my very popular public access TV show, Tinseltown’s Queer.  In a lightbulb moment I realized the new brand could be an umbrella for everything I’ve done in the past, and all my future endeavors as a Multimedia Entertainment Activist.

In the last 365 days (as of March 31, 2018), broadcasts on the official Facebook page alone have garnered over a quarter million views.

Below, from the most recent videos, to the earliest, I invited you to relive the White Party Palm Springs moments that have been pivotal to the birth and expansion of programming now reaching people in over 50 countries.  As a curiosity, our number one audience is in Palm Springs, California, where I now reside, and my number two audience in in Bangkok, Thailand, where I lived and worked as a foreign correspondent for 5-1/2 years.

Thank you for your love, support and viewership, and a big thanks to Jeffrey Sanker, Phil Lobel, Anil Patel, and everyone involved with the White Party all these years for their role in this network’s genesis!  Think of them as honorary Godfathers of PromoHomo.TV.



Better Videography!

White Party 2017 – a Proclamation for Jeffrey Sanker

Media and Guest Check-In

Meet James Duke Mason – Belinda Carlisle’s Gay Son

Inside White Party 2017

Musings Before the White Party T-Dance

Kyle Richards from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and Belinda Carlisle of Go Go’s fame, at White Party 2017


(rather primitive audio and video at this stage in the game)

 A Proclamation for Jeffrey Sanker by Palm Springs Mayor Robert Moon

RHOBH’s Erika Jayne and Fire Works as White Party 2016

A montage of the 2016 Tea Dance

White Party Arrivals 2016

A Casual Tour of The White Party Pool Scene (on a rainy/overcast weekend)

World-famous DJ Offer Nasim at White Party Palm Springs

Experience the Sunday Tea Dance and a Virtual Ferris wheel ride

The View from the White Party Palm Springs VIP Catwalk on PromoHomo.TV

Inaya Day

In the above two videos, Inaya Day Performs at Sunset T-Dance, White Party Palm Springs, on PromoHomo.TV (I announce her as “Naya” because the “I” in her name had scrolled off the screen! My apologies to INAYA and fans everywhere!)

And now you know how PromoHomo.TV came to be!  For a longer explanation, visit this link.


Nicholas Snow